Desayunos Tipicos (Breakfast)

El One

Scrambled eggs mixed with tomato, fried plantain, beans, cheese, avocado and two handmade tortillas. 

El Two

Over-easy eggs with special tomato sauce, fried plantain, beans, and two handmade tortillas.

El Guapo

One mixed pupusa, grilled skirt steak or chicken, casamiento (beans and rice), sour cream, cheese with scrambled eggs and two handmade tortillas.



  • Revuelta: Hecha De Chicharron y Queso (Pork&Cheese)
  • Loroco y Queso: (Loroco&Cheese) 
  • Frijoles y Queso: (Beans&Cheese) 
  • Queso (Cheese) 
  • Mixta: Hechas De Chicarron, Frijoles y Queso (Mixed: Made of Chicharron, Beans and Cheese)

Yuca Frita Con Chicharron

5 Pastelitos Salvadoreños

3 Taquitas Dorados Con Guacamole 

  • Guacamole SM or LG
  • Cheese Dip SM or LG
  • Spinach Dip SM or LG

Jumbo Wings

  • 6 Piece 
  • 9 Piece 
  • 12 Piece 
  • Party Dip(Chicken, Steak, Shrimp) 


  • Queso/Cheese
  • Shredded Chicken/Beef 
  • Hongos (Mushrooms)
  • Vegetariana (Veggie)
  • Espinaca (Spinach)

Grilled Quesadilla: Your choice of our juicy skirt steak, marinated chicken or tasty shrimp, with sautéed bell peppers, onions and salad. 


  • Queso (Cheese Only) SM or LG
  • Frijoles (Beans) SM or LG
  • Carne Molida (Ground Beef) SM or LG
  • Frijoles y Carne (Beans & Beef) SM or LG
  • Pollo (Shredded Chicken) SM or LG
  • Tinga SM or LG
  • Frijoles y Pollo (Beans & Chicken) SM SM or LG

*Make any nacho supreme for 1.99*


  • Enchiladas Supremas: Three enchiladas with choice of beef or chicken (Seasoned with pico de gallo and salsa ranchera) smothered with cheese dip. Topped with lettuce, sour cream, guacamole and diced tomatoes served with rice and beans. 
  • Enchiladas De Shrimp or Fish: Three enchiladas stuffed with delicious shrimp or tilapia and pico de gallo, smothered in our delicious cheese dip, and salsa ranchera. Served with Salvadorian rice, beans and coleslaw 
  • Party Enchiladas: One enchilada of each (Steak, Chicken, Shrimp, Fish) smothered with cheese dip, served with rice, beans, sour cream, guacamole and diced tomatoes.